🇹🇷 New interface language: Turkish (Türkçe)
Jun 23, 2023

🇹🇷 New interface language: Turkish (Türkçe)

Biz Türkçe konuşuyoruz!

Hello, Everve family! Our efforts are aimed at making our service as comfortable and accessible as possible for every user. And we have thrilling news: our interface is now available in Turkish!

Turkish is a real linguistic masterpiece. Did you know that Turkish does not have gender articles? This makes it unique among many languages of the world, upholding the principle of equality. And there's more! Over 75 million people worldwide communicate in Turkish, making it one of the most popular languages on our planet.

So, continue to broaden your horizons and strengthen your presence in social networks with Everve, now even more globally and conveniently. Together we stride towards new achievements! 🚀

Stay tuned and stay with us!
Always yours, Everve team ❤️