📝 Performing statistics for your orders
Dec 2, 2019

📝 Performing statistics for your orders

We always care about improving the quality of our services, so from today we decided to provide performance statistics for orders: now at any moment in time you can check who and when performed your order and (if you want) to compare it with statistics which social network provides.

We show you statistics on the last 10 performers, however, if you are a VIP user - then you will get full statistics from the beginning to the end.

But that's not all! Right from the statistics window you can:
➡️ Mark the user as unscrupulous (in case he/she has removed his/her subscription, unlike your post or deleted a comment). If this user collects a sufficient number of such marks - then he will no longer be able to perform orders in our service.
➡️ Hide all of your orders from this particular user. This means that he will not be able to perform your current and any future orders.

Stay tuned for exciting news ahead! 🗞️