💰 Separate balances for users and advertisers
Sep 16, 2021

💰 Separate balances for users and advertisers

We present to your attention one of the innovations in a number of major updates to the Everve platform: separate balance for users and advertisers! We have prepared a little explanation for you related to this change:

  • All funds earned by the user (from performing tasks and income from affiliate program) are accumulated on the user's balance. You can withdraw money from this balance (upon reaching the minimum withdrawal amount), however, you can no longer pay the advertising budget for your advertising campaigns from this balance.
  • Any deposit from any payment system is credited to the advertiser's balance. From this balance you can pay for your advertising campaigns, but you cannot withdraw funds from this balance.
  • We have also provided an opportunity to transfer funds from user's balance to advertiser's balance: to do this in the Add Funds section select "Balance USD (User)" (the minimum amount of the transfer is $1). Please note that this operation is one-way: you cannot transfer funds back from the advertiser's balance to the user's balance.

Stay tuned and look forward to further changes to our platform!

Always yours, Everve team â¤ï¸