⚙️ Major interface and functionality update
Nov 12, 2021

⚙️ Major interface and functionality update

We present to your attention a new major update of our platform:

  • The interface of the personal area (dashboard) has been completely redesigned.
  • The interface has become more optimized for mobile devices.
  • Added night (dark) interface theme.
  • New language selection interface.
  • The "VIP status" system has been completely removed.
  • Added a level system for users: users receive a so-called "experience" for every action in Everve. The level rises upon reaching a certain amount of experience, and the higher the level - the more bonuses you will receive for balance top-up and earnings, and the lower the minimum amount for withdrawing funds will apply! You can find out more about the level system here: https://everve.net/user-kb/13-everve-accounts-levels-system/.
  • Opened (in the test mode) an online chat with technical support (lower right corner on each page) .
  • In "Add Funds" section (https://everve.net/user-deposit/) the process of choosing a payment system has been redesigned, and the payment systems themselves are divided by categories. We also provided the possibility of one-click top-up for the most popular replenishment amounts: $1, $2, $5 and $10
  • In the "Transactions History" section (https://everve.net/user-transactions/) you can now print the invoice of the balance top-up transactions, including even all old transaction.
  • In "My Campaigns" section (https://everve.net/campaigns-list/) there is a new feature to view extended order information.
  • A new section has created - "Knowledge Base" (https://everve.net/user-kb/all/), which has replaced an outdated section with frequently asked questions. Right now our Knowledge Base only available in beta mode, it will be filled with new articles in the near future.
  • Added a status page https://status.everve.net/ where you can check in real time the status of one or another part of Everve and work with the API of social networks.
  • Slightly changed EverveAPI (https://everve.net/api-docs/), for example, in the "GET /categories/" method added information about the minimum and maximum possible prices for task categories, as well as the average number of performers in the last 24 hours.

Stay tuned for updates and stay with us!
Always yours, Everve team ❤️