🎁 Happy holidays wishes and new affiliate program!
Dec 25, 2019

🎁 Happy holidays wishes and new affiliate program!

Today we open our Affiliate Program for you: now you can invite friends, acquaintances and partners and earn money with them! The rules of our Affiliate Program are extremely simple:

️✅ Share your unique referral link anywhere: social networks, messengers, or on your website
✅ All the users who clicked on your link and registered, become your affiliates
✅ If your affiliate has top up his balance - you instantly get 10% of this amount on your Affiliate Balance
✅ If your affiliate performs tasks and earns Coins - you will get 20% of the amount of Coins earned on your Coins Balance
✅ If you accumulate the minimum amount for withdrawal on your Affiliate Balance (right now it's $5.00) - you can withdraw these funds to the payment system (eg, PayPal) or exchange it to Coins

In the new year you will find many more cool and useful features in Everve. Stay tuned for exciting news ahead!